This tab applies to Tesla vehicles that do not integrate Apple Carplay or Android Auto.


tesAA Download TesAA for Android Auto to your Android phone or scan the QR code on the right.
Connect your phone to your Tesla via Bluetooth.
Connect the vehicle's WiFi to your phone's hotspot.
Click this link :,
TesAA for Android Auto




Download Replica or AirTesla thanks to the below QR codes.
They can display the screen of an iPhone on your vehicle's browser.
The data circulates locally between the iPhone and the Tesla browser without passing through the internet.

QR AirTesla

QR Replica

Scan one of the QR codes to download an application.
Follow the instructions carefully:
Create a hotspot* (wifi network) with the iPhone and connect your Tesla to this hotspot.
If you want sound, check that the iPhone sound is connected to the car by Bluetooth.
Launch the application (Replica or AirTesla) on your iPhone.
Replica: press one of the buttons below ( or depending on what Replica asks) then on the iPhone, after the ad, press "Start broadcast".
AirTesla: tap "Start Broadcasting" (on iPhone), then tap the button below:

* To create a hotspot (or wifi network) with your iPhone, open the "Settings" application on your iPhone.
Go to "Connection Sharing", and select "Allow other users".
On your vehicle's screen, press the Wifi or portable network icon then Wi-Fi settings.
The network created by your iPhone should appear.