User manual can run on any vehicle equipped with an internet browser.
It is a digital toolbox bringing together in a single space web applications and sites that you may need in your vehicle: your emails with MS Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail; your files with Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive; your Calendar, your tasks, your notes, your social networks, your favorite podcasts... You will also be able to find a restaurant, a charging station, read or listen to the latest news, find out the latest stock prices.

Full screen

When the vehicle is stationary in Parking mode, pressing the icon allows you to use the entire surface of the screen. For this, an artifice via Youtube is used. Youtube automatically opens in a full screen window. In youtube, clicking GO TO SITE will take you to in full screen.
The Tesla system has two browsers. The one used in full screen is different from the one used in split screen. One of the consequences, if you use full screen mode, is that you will have to enter site identifiers already entered in the other browser.


The button allows you to return to the first page of the menu selected on the left.


When a link is displayed in a tab, the link address and navigation arrows are hidden, as below.

tab in Tesla browser

Going back is still possible by swiping one or two fingers on the screen to the right.

swipe in Tesla browser tab

Tesla browser navigation


The Desktop tab allows you to work with access to Apple, Microsoft and Google office suites.
Apple iCloud provides access to Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, iCloudDrive, Notes, Reminders, Pages, Numbers, Keynotes and Find My.
Microsoft 365 provides access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, OneNote, Calendar, To Do, and all other Microsoft 365 applications.
Google Drive provides access to Google Sheets, Google Docs, Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and all other Google applications.

"Quick Note" allows you to write notes when you don't have anything to write with, during a phone call or simply when a good idea comes up! They can be dictated by pressing the right wheel on the screen (like responding to an SMS). These notes are stored in your vehicle's browser memory: only people with access to this screen can therefore see them. It is possible to send them by e-mail, for a backup for example. The recipient's email address passes through our server but is not saved.
Notes will be cleared if you reset the vehicle voluntarily via the Maintenance menu or after certain updates. It is advisable to email notes to yourself before updating.

For editable notes in all browsers, it is best to use, for example, Apple Notes, Google Keep or Microsoft To Do.


The Tesla GPS gives you a lot of peace of mind by integrating charging breaks. But in some cases you might want to recharge in other networks. For this offers you links to charging station maps and a charging price comparison (Chargeprice). The link to Google Maps is configured to show you the charging stations directly.
As you may also need to eat or sleep, links to restaurants and hotels are provided. Via Michelin also offers tourist sites.


A selection of games is offered to you in addition to those already offered by Tesla. And unlike games installed on your Tesla, it is possible to play while your Tesla is driving. For passengers only, of course!
Videos, on the other hand, are only visible when stopped.


All the news within reach of your Tesla. And also stock prices and weather forecasts (depending on the region).

Social networks

The main social networks and messaging systems are now accessible on your Tesla: X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Wechat, Messenger, Skype...


By default, the search is done with Google. However, it is possible to select another search engine.


Some browsers are restricted and the sound of podcasts may not work. In some cases, when changing gear (P to D for example), streaming is automatically paused. Just press the play button to continue listening.


A very simple calculator is available. If it is insufficient, a link provides access to a scientific calculator.

The Tronity application allows you to keep track of journeys (very interesting for mileage allowances), and to obtain a lot of information on the vehicle, particularly on the battery.